Types of Brokers in Forex Trading

The important step when it comes to choosing a forex broker is understanding one’s options. There are many types of forex brokers out there in the market, therefore, as a trader one should take the trouble to understand how each one work so that one does not end up making the wrong choice. T

heir services may look similar but different in policies and type of operations. When opening a retail forex trading account, it is essential to consider choosing from many different types of forex brokers available online to handle one’s forex transactions. This is a significant decision as the sort of a forex broker one chooses can greatly affect one’s transaction dealing and spreads as well as one’s quality of service he or she is likely to receive. A forex trader should know that in the forex industry they are a lot of cheaters and frauds.

Market Makers

A forex market maker will offer their clients a two sided price that comes from their specialist forex trader operating as broker’s own in house dealing desk. When the amount is dealt on, the dealer may end up getting the other side of any given business from their customer by buying from their bid or selling on their offer side from the quotation. The market makers aim to capture a portion of the spread and do enough volume on either side of the market to avoid laying off accumulated risk with another professional counterpart.

No Dealing Desk Forex Brokers

This type of forex traders lacks dealing desk as the name implies. They instead offer the best compost quotes they get from multiple forex quote providers that give them their liquidity in the forex market. Every of these providers will post their best prices with No Dealing Desk forex brokers. The No Dealing Desk forex brokers charge a commission or widen bid offer spread to make a small profit on each trade executed.

Electronic Communications Network Forex Brokers

This type of forex brokers does not have their dealing desk. They instead provide an electronic trading platform in which professional market makers and other market participants can enter their bids and offers through their system. They only just link two parties together. They make their money by either charging a small commission for trades placed or by slightly increasing spreads. One advantage of electronic Communication Network forex brokers is that the trader posting the bid can be given some degree of anonymity.


It is good to choose the right type of forex broker when one is opening an online retail forex trading account. It is important to choose the wise decision because the type o online forex broker on chooses has a direct impact on one’s success as a forex trader. If one is new in forex trading, then he or she must be extra careful as there are many dishonest forex brokers out there in the market and their only aim is to fool and con the beginners. Therefore one should engage in forex trading only with honest and regulated forex brokers.

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