Forex Trading Platforms

Trading platforms are the type of forex software that helps the traders in the analysis and execution of the trading. The forex trading platforms assist in the forgery taking tasks and providing charts that help in doing day to day activities in the market. Most platforms differ with cost and method of executing the business. It is very important for the forex traders especially the beginners to choose the correct platform that suits their needs and standards.

What to Consider when Picking a Platform

The main thing to look at the trading platforms include the quality, cost, charts and functionality. Most brokers usually allow the open demo so that the forex trader can choose what best suit the type of trading one practices. The beginners should learn the proficiency in the Excel for financing the business. Most of the excel activities involve formatting, modulating data and also creating complex financial model.

Think or Swim

The mainly commonly used trading platform is think or swim because it delivers most of the advanced foreign exchange on the market. It carries only the transaction in one account like stocks, forex, futures, and all other choices. This trading platform allows the analysis packages to be performed and hand it to the retail customers. All this type of tools are done in the desktop processes and also the application of web. This processes should be compatible with the Mac or windows and also the mobile apps which are rated highly such as Android, iPhone, and IPad.

The secondly most popular trading platform is This type of platform is highly customized such that it has all the complete solutions in the mobile that will enable the trader to carry out the business that way one wants, the time to perform the transaction and what to do. It always comes with a partner called the app store so that the forex trader can customize each part of the mobile solution just one part at a time. The forex trader receives the alerts through a margin call. The mobile platforms include the IPad and the iPhone.


Additionally, there is the SmartTrader which offers various platforms and expertise levels to the professional forex traders and many others including the intermediate and sometimes the novices. This multiple chart layouts are available on SmartTrader and sometimes MetaTrader which are found in windows based platforms and targets mostly the professional traders. All these platforms are highly customized such that it has the interfaces and analytical tools which are very powerful. This platform offers more that foreign exchange, one can try the light wave platform which also deals in stock and futures in one forex trader account.

Final Thoughts

Finally, all these platforms are away rated depending on the objective analysis so that the forex trader can choose what is best for the trading. The reviews keep the reliable information and accurate data to avoid misleading the trader. The information is also up to date such it makes it easier to the interested party to get correct data that is the same with those in the available financial institutions.

Ways to Avoid Losing Money In Forex Trading

Forex trading is the largest financial market across the earth. The average daily trading capacity is about four million dollar. This is because it is straightforward to trade within all season in the year but this kind of trading there is a high risk of loss. There are some ways in which the forex traders can avoid losing money in the forex market because the competition is stiff and tough.

Do Your Homework

The first thing the trader needs to do is perform thorough homework; it is good to learn before one lost. Trading in the forex market is easy, but this does not make one do business without no diligence. Forex traders need to learn from other experienced dealers and also the live conditions of the market. Homework is the primary thing marketers need to do before embarking on this kind of business. The research should include the trading plan that will guide the operator on what to do and what not to do.

Find a Good Broker

The other thing is taking money to find the broker who has a good reputation. Many of the forex brokers are a scam and it is advisable to research on each them especially looking on their bank account`s offerings. This type of offering should include the leverage, initial deposit, commissions, spreads, withdrawal policies and the account funding. The broker should in a position to answer all these questions without cheating in any way.

Use a Practice Account

The other thing a trader should do is using a practice account. The practice account is usually called the demo account. The trader will be able to do trading without the funded account and help in adapting and the entry techniques in the fore market. The demo account will also help the forex trader in maintaining the confidence in the market because the initial deposit is zero, so there will be no worry of losing the money.

Keep the Charts Clean

The important thing also to avoid losing money is keeping the charts clean as much as possible. This will need the practice of the fundamental and technical analysis provided on the trading platforms. Keeping the charts clean will make the trading effective and any indicator that is in opposite signals should be avoided. The analysis technique that a trader is not using frequently should be avoided and clean out in the chart.

Manage It

The trader should protect the trading account by imposing proper management techniques to avoid losing money. Many successful traders believe that they can enter into any of the market positions and still make the profit; this means that it depends on how one makes an effort of protecting the account that matters. Also, the important part of this is accepting the accrued losses and moving on to do business aggressively again.

In conclusion, the forex traders in trying to avoid the loss of the money are using the reasonable leverage in the market to avoid losing the entire money. In forex trading, the trader can use the small investment and make a huge profit if patience, diligence, and discipline are acquired in the market. It is advisable for the forex traders to close any loopholes that make one lose money.

Understanding Forex Risk Management

Trading in normal conditions the exchange of the services and good between two people. In the old days, people practiced barter trader whereby there exchanged one commodity with another commodity. This kind of trade was very easy to manage the risk because the two people can confirm what one has before the actual buying and selling takes place. In modern days, trading is based on the currency and managing the risk can be out of control. The risk cannot be managed because of the speed in which the transaction takes place. Forex trading is basically the online gambling that involves a high-risk business.

However, forex trading is more speculative trading than gambling because the former depends on the speculative habits of the trader and also regarding the managing the risks. Speculating has high chances of controlling the risk than gambling. The outcomes also determine the differences between the two kinds of business.

Know the Odds of the Market Before You Trade

The first rule in risk managing in the forex trading is knowing the odds in the market. The forex trader should be able to calculate the odds that can be successful in trading. The forex trader should be able to have the experience in technical and the fundamental analysis. The traders should be able to understand how the dynamics of the market in which the trader is doing business. Once the odds are known the forex trader will be able to measure how extent the risk will be involved and later use the proper methods in managing.

Study Liquidity

The next thing on how to study the risk in the market is the liquidity. Liquidity market is where there are a sufficient number of sellers and buyers in the market where the forex trading takes place at available prices of the currency. This type of risk will affect mostly the trader and not the broker in the market because they mainly depend on the online broker to execute the orders and carry out the transactions on behalf of the trader.

Measure Risk Per Trade

Another way to measure and manage the risk using the mechanism of risk per trade. This type of risk depends on the type of capital that the person has used in the marker. The risk per trade is usually the small percentage of the whole capital used investing into the market. This is usually the system that is proper when the odds are stacked together. The risk per trader percentage should be around two percent.


In conclusion, the proper way to measure the risk is by using the price charts. Also, the forex trader should understand on the leverage where by the forex trader uses the broker’s money or the bank’s money rather using own capital. This is the big risk that has made the forex traders lose all the entire money because of the miscalculation of the risk. All the solution to all the risks associated with this kind of trading is to stick to true and correct habits. It ‘s nice to acknowledge the ego in trying to make the right decisions.

Types of Brokers in Forex Trading

The important step when it comes to choosing a forex broker is understanding one’s options. There are many types of forex brokers out there in the market, therefore, as a trader one should take the trouble to understand how each one work so that one does not end up making the wrong choice. T

heir services may look similar but different in policies and type of operations. When opening a retail forex trading account, it is essential to consider choosing from many different types of forex brokers available online to handle one’s forex transactions. This is a significant decision as the sort of a forex broker one chooses can greatly affect one’s transaction dealing and spreads as well as one’s quality of service he or she is likely to receive. A forex trader should know that in the forex industry they are a lot of cheaters and frauds.

Market Makers

A forex market maker will offer their clients a two sided price that comes from their specialist forex trader operating as broker’s own in house dealing desk. When the amount is dealt on, the dealer may end up getting the other side of any given business from their customer by buying from their bid or selling on their offer side from the quotation. The market makers aim to capture a portion of the spread and do enough volume on either side of the market to avoid laying off accumulated risk with another professional counterpart.

No Dealing Desk Forex Brokers

This type of forex traders lacks dealing desk as the name implies. They instead offer the best compost quotes they get from multiple forex quote providers that give them their liquidity in the forex market. Every of these providers will post their best prices with No Dealing Desk forex brokers. The No Dealing Desk forex brokers charge a commission or widen bid offer spread to make a small profit on each trade executed.

Electronic Communications Network Forex Brokers

This type of forex brokers does not have their dealing desk. They instead provide an electronic trading platform in which professional market makers and other market participants can enter their bids and offers through their system. They only just link two parties together. They make their money by either charging a small commission for trades placed or by slightly increasing spreads. One advantage of electronic Communication Network forex brokers is that the trader posting the bid can be given some degree of anonymity.


It is good to choose the right type of forex broker when one is opening an online retail forex trading account. It is important to choose the wise decision because the type o online forex broker on chooses has a direct impact on one’s success as a forex trader. If one is new in forex trading, then he or she must be extra careful as there are many dishonest forex brokers out there in the market and their only aim is to fool and con the beginners. Therefore one should engage in forex trading only with honest and regulated forex brokers.

Different Types of Forex Traders

Everyone in the business tends to do trading differently from other business counterparts. Some people are aggressive while others are relaxing but the primary goal at the end of the day is to make a profit and avoid losses as much as possible. Some dedicate few hours to do trading while others do business throughout the day. This same goes to the Forex trading industry, there are four types of how to do business in forex trading, but forex trader should keep in mind that no matter what the style of trading they choose, it is good to make sure that they fit in with the personality.


Scalping is the first type of forex trading. These of forex of forex business is suitable for those who hold only for a few seconds and a few minutes at most. The objective of this kind is that to grab as many pips as possible during the busiest time of the day. Scalper mainly is glued to the charts and suitable for those who can spend several hours without having a divided attention. This kind of trading always requires great quick thinking to be successful in business. If the personality of the trader is impatient that one cannot wait for a long time waiting for trades, fast trading and likes a lot of excited, can glue to many charts for several hours, can think very fast, fast fingers and a surgeon then the best type of trading one will choose is scalping

Day Traders

Day trading is the type of forex trading whereby one take one trading in a day until when the day is over. The forex trader picks one side of the trading and cat upon bias until the ends with either a loss or profit. This kind of traders does not do business at night. This type suitable for those who have all the time during the day to execute and monitor the trade.

Swing Traders

Swing trading is the type of long term type of forex trading whereby a trader holds on with the kind of business for an extended period of time. This trading requires immense patient and idea for those people who cannot monitor the charts throughout the day. They can use few times of hours in the analysis the chart before they sleep. It is suitable for those who are still studying and have full-time jobs but are updated on what happened in the global economies. They tend to play with a swing to determine what point that the probability of winning is high.

Long Term Traders

The last one is the position trading is the long term type of trading that takes up to several weeks or several years.  The person who wants to practice this kind of trading should have acknowledged of the fundamentals; the basics will help a trader to dictate on what will happen in the future look of the market and the trend of each currency pair. The length holding of the time has a lot of stop losses. All the fundamental analysis should kind the traders on how to carry out trading with that extended period.

Types of Analysis in the Forex Industry

Several types of analysis are performed in the forex market. The foreign exchange analysis is directly used by the trader to determine whether to sell or buy any currency pair to anyone in that particular time. The foreign exchange trader should choose the type of analysis or the combination of both that mainly suit the trader’s personality. Before joining the forex industry, it ‘s nice to do more practice on each type of the analysis to choose what best suit the market.

However, while selecting the analysis tool to use it is advisable to check if it offers a lot of trading opportunities. There are three main types of analysis as mentioned above it is good to try all of them as each of them does a specific purpose in the forex market. The trader should seek for a professional trader to help in how of the analysis is used in the market.

Understanding Fundamental Analysis

The first analysis is the fundamental forex analysis. This type of analysis is most applications in the current interest rates. It is as used in the calculation of the rate of inflation, Gross Domestic Product, economic growth and manufacturing activities. These factors are used in determining whether it is good or and or it is of less importance if they are released into the market. These factors also affect the country economic growth because of the currency rates.

The analysis helps in the future movement of the market. When there is a high risk of losing the investors have higher yields of the money, and this means there will be more investment in the market. The website that elaborates more on this type of analysis is the, and it will help the forex trader in defining how the fundamental release will affect the currency rates in the market.

Understanding Technical Analysis

Technical analysis also the important aspect in the forex market. This kind is used in calculating the probability on when to enter or exit the trade. Technical analysis is mostly used because of this important feature. Forex market is one of the most liquid markets, and that is why this type of analysis should be used in determining the hidden supply and demand in the trading. The studies can be determined by the utilization of the indicators because of the signal I the signs are easy to read this making is buying easy.

Understanding Market Sentiment

Another widely used analysis is the sentiment. When the trading is positioned in one direction, then it means there are more trades in that same position. This analysis is used to determine when the market will shift into the other direction. When the forex traders stick on the same currency pair, the price will go higher, and this means that the market will later close thus there will be a high risk of loss. Sentiment analysis help in avoiding this kind of mistake. Many people tend to get confused in the type of analysis is to use but it advisable to choose what suits the forex trader`s personality.

Things to Check on Choosing the Forex Trading Platform

Foreign exchange trading is no longer a business that scares away the beginners because of the high cost of brokers or the city slickers. The Internet has played a significant role in making forex trading easy to thing to do by anybody who is interested in joining this kind of business. Choosing the best platform that suits the type of forex trading the trader does require a lot of research and diligence because it is not always a walk in the park to getting the reliable platform. They are a unique consideration the forex trader should keep in mind.

The forex trading should look for a platform that gives reliable and accurate quotes. Speed is also an important factor that should go with reliability and accuracy. The platform should utilize the correct quotes in each of the currency pairs that one hold an interest in. This feature is important because it avoids the high cost of requoting the currency pairs. There are frequent fluctuations in the market, and the trader should be careful to avoid risking the loss of money.

Dependable deal execution is the primary key element in which the operator should choose the platform. Closing and opening solutions are critical to the forex trader and it right to review the platform very well. The type of platform the operator decide is which it can execute orders very fast including the losses and profit, OCOs and trailing stops. The trading platform which executes orders slowly is more than that the price which was one originally requested.

The platform should have the account management options; this feature is not always a luxury in foreign exchange trading because one should be able to issue when there is an open position. The trader will be able to keep track of the account, manage it and balance the profit and the losses. Account management options help in keeping the tight control of the account on the real time basis in the market.

The platform should also have the technical analysis tools because it can separate between good and bad. Technical analysis tool has the charting option that allows the trader to break down the important foreign exchange trading data and accounts. When researching the trading platforms, it is good to review this important feature. The other critical analysis is the fundamental analysis which goes hand in hand with the technical analysis tool.

The other important feature is the hosting location of the platform. The site to enter the data is good because it can keep the data safe from formatting by the virus. There are locations that are highly respected in the market like the Equinix NY4. This place of data entry is ranked the highest in almost all the entire foreign exchange industry.

Lastly, other features that a forex trader should check are the minimal system downtime, automated trading support and high strength of data security. Choosing the best platform is very complicated than the way someone might see on the paper or the internet. The platform should match the budget, ambition and the risk approach of the forex trader.

Mechanics of Online Forex Trading

The online mechanics in forex trading help the trader to manage the funds and controlling the possible risk in business. The beginner might find complicated in dealing with factors such as the stop losses, trailing shop or sometimes the take profit orders. Learning the foreign exchange trading requires a lot of research and determination to be successful in the long run. At least any one of the basic understanding of the trade will help as the forex trade continue to acquire other professional skills require in the business.

The first mechanic of online trading is the market which helps I instructing the forex broker to sell or buy the currency pair in any available current rates on the market. Neither the trader nor the broker is committed in the execution of the order because the fact remains that the order is always executed instantly. The forex trader especially if one is not experience is that one should avoid executing the market orders when the spreads at the market are widening. The currency rates at the market are usually fluctuation, and it is wise for the trader to stay alerted to avoid any surprises.

Limit order ensures that the broker and forex trader executes the orders only when a specific price of the currency pair s reached.  No quotation of the price will be made even if it takes a good length of time. This type of order enables the forex trader to plan well and eliminates the dangers of the sudden prices rising and reduces the possibilities of arbitrariness. The main disadvantage of the limited order is that the market changes will not move in the desired direction the forex trader is expecting.

The other important mechanism is the stop-loss order; this is the safety order which put the losses aside that can be found while trading. The trader should be in a position to enter the stop-order such that when any of the unrealized losses are made then, the forex trader will be able to tolerate. The confidence of the trading will still be maintained. This is achieved by setting the order in the opposite direction the price of the quote will move. The selling and buying of the orders are automatic in the limited order.

Another type is the trailing-stop order. The forex traders do not commonly use this type. This is usually renewed automatically any the software itself in the set intervals by the forex trader. This type specifies the quote of the price in which the position will be closed to realize the profit. This type of order is risk-free, and many of new forex traders should try to emulate in carrying out the business.

The new forex trader should research more on this type of orders before they execute any orders because most of the time the brokers happen to be a scam. Executing correct orders will keep the confidence going, and any of the unrealized profit can be tolerated. Determination and patience are the keys to any business in forex trading.

Disadvantages of Forex Trading

Currency is the important factor that is usually used in forex trading. During import and export business, the important factor used to consider is the currency rates of the country. All the transactions carried in the foreign exchange benefits the country`s economy because of the huge investment of the money. Before joining into this business, it is important first to understand the possible disadvantages that are involved in this kind of business to avoid surprises and frustration after investing money into it.

The first advantage of foreign exchange trading is a high level of brokerage. Any business that has brokers usually there is no transparency, and the outcome of the investment is less. In forex tearing, many of the brokers are a scam, and it is hard to find the agent that follows the rules and the regulations of the intermediary. The regulation may not work in the forest market, but the activities of the broker are what matters a lot.

The biggest limitations are how to determine the price because of the different currency rate in the market. sides typically complex parties between the two sides in trying to which price to follow because many factors surround the fluctuation of the rates in the market. The forex trading depends on the indicators there is a presence in the market to determine whether there will be a loss or profit, thus making this trading uncertainty.

The drawback also is the risk factor. A business which involves a high leverage means that there is a high risk involved. Due to the change in the market price due to fluctuations in the global economy, the business will depend on the knowledge and focuses on the trade of the foreign exchange to be able to predict on what the future of the currency pairs hold. If there is accurate predicting of the future market, then the profit will be high. Forex business is filled with cheaters and frauds, and it is important to be alert at any point.

The other disadvantage of the forex trading is the high volatility. The volatility also can benefit the trader, but in most cases, because of the changes in the market position, it is scaring to invest a lot market into it. When the market goes down or in the opposite direction in where the trader what not expecting then there will be a high loss of money and the trader may end up quitting the market because of the frustration.

In conclusion, there are many limitations of this kind of business like over confidence, following the inexperienced traders on the internet, the economy in the market does not sleep thus pressuring the investors, a lot of f scammers. Anxiety and fear and so forth.  After the learning the above cons it is important to choose the wise decisions whether to join it or not. The forex market has a huge risk, and a bigger loss thus needing strength and confines while investing the money. Also, the forex trader should select the brokerage that has adequate knowledge in the business.